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Silver sand island

Silver Sand Island, Reputed builder project most iconic upcoming project in Town.

Location- Silver sand Island Vytila

Project Segment- Boutique premium residences -3& .3BHK Study,And 4 BHK Units

Units Type Sqft available ,2340 Sqft 3bhk,1850 Sqft 3bhk and 3100 Sqft 4bhk
4 BHK’s only of Size (3100 sqft) with
2x living rooms
4x bedroom
3x bathroom
1 x kitchen
1 x powder room
2 x Balcony
1 maid room

Price Range – 2.3 Cr Onwards (including carpark, statutory and deposits extra)

Flats in Silver sand island Unique features

First-in-class amenities

Price location -incomparable convenience

Maximum ventilation Apartments (Sides Open)with good room space allocation

Integrated Facilities like Garden, kitchen, Dedicated Cloth drying Area, and AC ledge for each apartment

Living Rooms along with a Powder Room

There is much More to Share and Deliver about this premium project that is coming up with Silver Sand Island Vytila

In case you don’t want to miss this project, callus for one. This would give you the unique advantage of Best choice now.

New Apartments in Silver Sand Island Vytilla Underway

Searching for new spot to call your crib is undeniably always an adventure, but the excitement, oh!

it just doubles when it’s in place as lively and rich in traditions, I mean culture as in Silver Sand Island Vytilla, Kochi, right?

If your eyes are all set for the new apartments in this bubbling hub, then you’re for a real treat.

But still hold on!, theres like few stuff to give thoughts to before etching your signature on the dotted line.

So, why don’t we dive in and explore deeper?! What makes, you know, buying property in Vytilla such a unique endeavor.

Ponder on These Things Before Getting Property in Vytilla, Kochi

Location and Links


Silver Sand Island Vytilla holds a great location with an unmatched links or should I say connectivity to Kochi’s rest.

But, don’t simply gulp in my words for it. Imagine stepping away from your new apartment and

reaching key transport hubs, shopping places, and food hubs in just few minute. The convenience is unto belief.

The closeness to Silver Sand Island Vytilla Mobility Hub it’s a massive advantage for those commits daily.
Easy entry to metro, buses, or rickshaws all ensures a breeze of travel.

Amenities with Facilities

Isn’t Modern living to some extent about the amenities? The new apartments in Silver Sand Island Vytilla aren’t disappointing by any chance.

Ranging from modern fitness centers to tranquil landscaped gardens;, developers really took care of it all .

It’s somewhat like having your very individual oasis in middle of city noises.

Search for apartments that offer good parking, security systems, and ,waste management, for peaceful living.
Facilities for recreation like swimming pools and clubhouse maybe they are good way for relaxation.

Quality on Construction

This breaks the deal for me ever. I’ve heard plenty of tales where dream homes started to seem like nightmares

because of tradeoffs in construction’s quality. When you’re taking a tour of the new apartments in Vytilla,

ensure you look closer to the finishes, inquire about used materials, and if feasible, have a sense about the builder’s fame.

Don’t hesitate for asking accreditations or certificates, that ensure the construction’s integrity,
Builders with good reputation often have model flats for you to feel the quality.

Legal Checking and Documentations

Navigating the legal waterfront when you are buying a property can be tough. I won’t lie to you!

But you must consider this as a important step in securing serenity of your mind.

Ensure the property’s title’s clear and it’s got all necessary thumbs up from local authorities.

Scrutinize the builder-seller agreement before signing it thoroughly.
Get advice from any legal expert so as to validate if you’re not certain about the documents.

Neighborhood’s Vibe

Last but not least, you really shouldn’t ignore the vibe or pls I should say the neighborhood’s community feel.

Your house beyond just those four walls that you live within also includes the people and your surrounding environment.

Hangout in the area at varied hours of the day in order to feel the local’s lifestyle.
A brief chat with upcoming neighbors or local storekeepers can offer valuable insights into community’s spirit.
The future potential of area like Vytilla that’s growing swiftly could be beneficial if you consider it

Final Thoughts…
Embarking on mission to discover a new apartment in Vytilla, Kochi- it’s exhilarating for sure,

yes! With the strategic placement, growing infrastructure, and lively community,

Silver Sand Island Vytilla presents an desired proposition for those wanting to make Kochi their home-base.

Keep the above points in your mind, and you’re sure to find a space that isn’t merely a dwelling,

but like a home that is syncing with your own lifestyle and hopes.

I mean buying property is a pretty big step! So take your time, get your homework done, and whenever you’re ready,

jump onto the journey to build your dream life in Vytilla. And who knows, I might bump into you somewhere around there in the neighbourhood!”

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Address: vytilla
  • Country: India
  • Province / State: Kerala
  • Neighborhood: vytila
  • Postal code / ZIP: 682020
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