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Home Vaastu Tips

  Home Vaastu meaning is a Sanskrit word that acts as a code for life’s experiences. Living in harmony with the Vaastu shastra is believed to bring peace and prosperity. One of the most important aspects of the Vaastu system is that it is based on the state of your home, office and everything between. …

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What is Property Tax & Why is it Necessary?

Property tax in India is a tax on property that the government of a country imposes. It is levied on the value of the land and improvements created on it for non-agricultural purposes. It is one of the primary sources of state government revenue in India. Property taxes make up an important part of state …

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Top Real Estate Investment Opportunities In India For 2022

Check Top Real Estate Investment Opportunities in India for 2022,India’s real estate industry is worth $180 billion , and the country is the world’s sixth-largest market for property. The current slowdown in the sector has led some developers to declare bankruptcy, and lending rates in India are at their highest levels since 2013. The top …

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