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The Ultimate Property Glossary: From Furniture to Flooring, Introduction: What is a Glossary?


A property glossary lists the standard terms used in the real estate industry.

It includes property terms such as “basement,” “coffered ceiling,” and “side view.”

A glossary for real estate professionals

is helpful for those unfamiliar with the industry and can help

them understand the terminology used in real estate.


Real Estate Glossary
Real Estate Glossary

Property development is the process of constructing or renovating real estate.

It can be summarized by the following stages:• Naming and developing a site (or sites) for a building,

such as a shopping centre or office complex;• Acquiring

financing to buy and build on the land; • Planning and designing the

project to meet the client’s needs;• Construction and opening of the project.

Stages in Development Naming and Developing a Site

Title insurance -protects companies against financial losses

that arise from title defects in real estate transactions. This can

be caused by several factors and may result in a real

estate transaction being cancelled, resulting in potential losses for the Seller.

Title insurance can also help reduce litigation risks and cut

risks before a company makes decisions about the acquisition or sale of the property.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is the process of examining a potential investment

or acquisition target to determine the suitability of its features

and prospects, as well as gathering background information and facts to form a judgment.

Due diligence is identifying risks, assessing

opportunities, ascertaining alternatives, and investigating factors that may affect an investment decision.

An individual or group can perform due diligence before

starting an investment project or transaction.

Closing costs are expenses that need to pay before moving out

of an apartment or a house, including all the money required to conclude a sale.

Closing costs, in general, are all the expenses incurred before

the sale, including fees, taxes, and other related costs.

In short, closing costs cover the final cost of buying or selling a property.

The process of completing transferring ownership from one

party to another is called closing cost. When you move out

from your current house after buying it and into your new

home, you close on your buy and can finally start enjoying

it without worrying about this sale being undone.

An offer is a proposal to a property seller property stating what you are willing to tutor to buy it.

Offers can be creative, financial, or downright funny.

Some include twists that promise an unforgettable experience, while others are pretty straightforward.

For example, the buyers may offer to “name the first cat” or “pay for your stay.”

Most Offers often play a part in negotiations. The glossary of

real estate terms defines “offer” as the initial buy price point

Seller receives from the buyer. A seller has the liberty to accept, make a counter, or reject the offer.

A pre-approval letter is a type of letter that is sent to a

potential client by the real estate agent before an offer is presented.

This helps them to gain confidence in their request and helps them save time, money, and energy.

In a world where personalization has become more critical,

pre-approval letters are helping potential clients reach out to their ideal property.

Pre-approval letter functions as a document that outlines the

terms for the prospective buyers, which helps them make swift decisions

about buying a property.

The term acre to hectare is a unit of measure used to show

the difference between the area of a piece of land in acres and how many hectares are in an acre.

The term shows the difference between the area of a piece of land in acres and how many hectares are in an acre.

There are 0.40468 hectares in 1 acre. To convert from acres to hectares, multiply your figure by 0.40468

One hectare equals 2.471 acres; one acre is 2,437 square

meters; multiply the number by 2.4711, so a hectare(Ha) unit is more significant than Acre(Ac).

The most common way of measuring land area is using

square meters, and this unit’s name comes from the metric system.

The property market has been growing in recent years, which

has led to property prices increasing at a more rapid rate than inflation.

Converting a hectare to an acre is an effortless, practical, and quick task.

You only need to know how many square feet you have in an area and the conversion factor.

One hectare equals 2.471 acres, and Multiply the number by 2.4711 to convert it into an acre.

If you are having trouble calculating the conversions of hectares

to acres or vice versa, this will help!

Square yards to square feet.

It is used on construction sites or when purchasing a property.

A square yard is more oversized as 1 Square yard is equal to 9 Square Feet.

A square yard is 0.914436 m by 0.914436 m, and a foot is 12 inches by 12 inches.

When the conversion is done, the result will be square feet (29076).

square feet to acres

Convert Square Feet to Acre, divide the unit by 43,560 because there are 43,560 square feet in 1 acre

Unit of land measurement, one acre is equal to 4048.32 square meters and 43560 square feet.

Acre to sqft.

The conversion from acre to sqft is a unit of measure

convert Square Feet to Acre, you have to divide the team by 43,560 because there are 43,560 square feet in 1 acre

The conversion factor has been standardized to one square foot per acre.

cent to square feet

1 cent is equal to 435.56 square feet

Cent to square foot conversion is a prevalent metric used across many industries.

It is used to convert a centimetre or inch measurement into the measurement of square feet.

The primary purpose of this metric is to make it easier

for consumers and businesses to understand the dimensions

of their homes, office, or other building.

Soft Launch

Soft Launching is a marketing technique used to introduce

a product or service so that it can test without risk.

Soft launches are a new way of thinking about marketing and sales.

The traditional approach would be to launch your product

or service on the market, get tons of reviews, and then scale up the product or service.

This process could take years, in which case

your company has already lost out on valuable opportunities in the long run.

The software company Aviary recently launched its app with

this process and made over $3 million in revenue during its first week alone.

The Sale Deed is a document of the agreement between the Seller and the Purchaser.

The Sale Deed defines what percentage

of ownership and possession will be transferred to the

Purchaser, what type of property will be assigned, and how it will share.

The standard form of a sale deed transfers legal title to

real property, including all improvements thereon, subject to any encumbrances.

A deed conveys not only legal title but also

physical possession or control of the property from one party to another.

The site plan is an essential part of the design process. The program will help them to understand the flow,

and it will be a guide for what they need to do when designing.

Some are planning for future changes, but most are

more concerned with how their current looks and what they would like it to look like.

These plans can also use as a checklist for redesigning or updating your website.

A site plan is essential to the design process and helps businesses get started on projects more .

Stamp Duty exists to compensate for the loss of revenue when ownership changes hands.

It is paid by any legal person purchasing a property, whether they are an individual buying

their first home or a corporation acquiring assets.

The rate of Stamp Duty varies depending on how much profit

the Seller makes from selling their property – if they

make £100,000 profit from selling their home, then £10,000 would be taxed at 5

A title deed is a legal document that transfers the title of an asset from one person to another.

In a title deed, the Seller transfers their property for

consideration, including the price and an act with the buyer’s

name, signature, and stamp.

Title deeds are often used to change property rights.

They are also used in transactions where money is a transfer between two people.

Under-construction property is a term used to describe a

property that became completed without undergoing renovation, renovation works, or construction.

This term is “not yet completed” and usually applies to properties not yet occupied.

When construction of this type is complete, it can be referred to as uncompleted.

An under-construction property can be in various states

of completion, with the unfinished parts on the outside visible

from the street, making it look like work is still being done on the inside.

Valuation is the process of estimating the value of a

particular property, and it involves gathering information

to determine the worth of an asset or a business. This section

will explore the valuation process, implications, and procedures followed while valuing the property.

Estimated Value:

A qualified valuer prepares an estimated value of a property that

is not desired to be sold or purchased yet but wants to know its approximate value at a particular time.

as procedures are involved in valuing a property,

techniques are done before preparing estimated values. These include:

gathering information about other properties in the same

area that can consider similar properties

– gathering information about comparable properties in different areas

– identifying factors that drive price differences between properties in different


The interest earned or return by an investor on investment is

stated as a percentage of the amount invested.

Introductory Sales Price ( BSP)

Price of an apartment excluding the charges for amenities like

car parking, clubhouse, etc.

Built-Up Area

It includes the carpet area plus the thickness of the outer walls and the area of the balcony/balconies.

In the house, we have a carpet area that is not used very often,

and it’s easier to sweep it up and put it in storage when it’s not used.

The carpet can also be an eye sore, and it always needs to be vacuume.

The purpose of the introduction is to grab the reader’s attention

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